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The Free Beginner & Intermediate Guitar Classes @ the Art Circle Public Library have been cancelled from Saturday, April 25th through May 16th and will resume Saturday, May 23rd.  Thank You.




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Library News for April 21, 2015

Beginning Friday, May 1st, every patron, including children, who check out at least 10 items on their own library card will receive a free, bright green, cloth carrying bag, 15” X 12” X 9”, one to a person, while supplies last!  These bags have the library’s insignia printed on them and they were provided to us free of charge, thanks to the support of local businesses whose advertising logos also appear on the bags.  The library staff and I extend our appreciation to them.  We hope everyone will take note of these businesses and try to patronize them.

Books for Mom!

With Mother’s Day on the horizon, why not give her a few moments of free time and something enjoyable to READ!  While we do not own every one of the following, you may purchase these recommended titles through online book resources such as as well as others.

Euphoria by Lily King

Lauded on the cover of the New York Times Book Review and winner of the 2014 New England Book Award for Fiction, Euphoria is Lily King’s nationally bestselling breakout novel of three young, gifted anthropologists of the ‘30’s caught in a passionate love triangle that threatens their bonds, their careers, and, ultimately, their lives.  The story is inspired by events in the life of revolutionary anthropologist Margaret Mead Boston Globe says “Dazzling…suspenseful…brilliant...Euphoria is an exhilarating novel.”

SpiritLed Promises for Moms: Insights from Scripture from the Modern English Version

The birth of your children is a miracle that transforms you, your daily routine, your greater outlook on life, and your dependency on God.  Scripture is full of God's promises that help your faith and hope grow as a mother. This book is designed to encourage mothers of all ages with the power of Scripture and to help them to know which promises to stand on when seeking strength.

House Beautiful Colors for Your Home: 439 Designer Favorites by House Beautiful

Updated and expanded, this bestselling primer now features nearly 500 paint colors—130 more than the previous edition—that can transform your home from monotone to magical!  Real paint swatches, gathered by the editors of House Beautiful, are searchable by shade and designer, and every swatch includes its manufacturer, name, and number. Novices and experts alike will find this handbook a must-have as they go about picking the perfect paint to add style, charm, and personality to their home.

Coach Mom: 7 Strategies for Organizing Your Family Into an All-Star Team by Brenna Stull

Coach Mom helps moms organize their family life by applying seven powerful principles that will bring balance to their home.  Every young mom needs to read this book.  It offers practical, easy to implement ideas for your family and home, while encouraging you and making you laugh.  There is Godly wisdom and not the boring, ho-hum, or overwhelming kind either.  It reads well, is humorous and touching, and alive with heart. 

A Mother in Israel by Rebbetzin Chana Schneerson

Rebbetzin Chana Schneerson was born on 28 Tevet, 5640 (Monday, January 12, 1880) in Nikolayev, a city in western Russia, near Odessa.  In addition to providing our generation with its preeminent, venerated leader, Rebbetzin Chana was in her own right a truly outstanding person, a woman of valor in the fullest sense.  Righteous, humble, giving and wise, her life is a shining example for every Jewish woman and mother in Israel.  This compilation contains selections from her memoirs, a brief biography and other events and historical information surrounding her illustrious life.

Mommy Pick-Me-Up’s:  Refreshing Stories to Lighten Your Load by Edna Ellison & Linda Gilden

This devotional-like storybook uses lighthearted, relevant stories as the catalyst for busy moms to lighten their loads—which are often the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual battles moms face when trying to balance family and spiritual needs.  Readers will find an inspiring and relevant story, a pick-me-up message that brings to light the spiritual significance of the story, and suggestions on how they, as busy moms, can teach this same spiritual lesson to the little ones in their care.  In addition, the authors have provided practical tips as well as creative parenting ideas.

 Mothers of the Bible Speak to Mothers of Today by Kathy Macias

In this book, readers meet ordinary women of their day who, by God’s incomparable grace, were used for extraordinary purposes.  Readers will journey through the lives of such mothers— like Eve, Sarah, Hannah, Elizabeth, Salome, Mary, and others.  Exploring heart issues like fear, discontentment, grief, and gratitude, readers will discover solutions through biblical models of prayer, sacrifice, and faithfulness.  Each chapter ends with personal application and prayer.  Beautifully designed, this book makes the perfect gift for a mother on any occasion.

Psalm 91 for Mothers: God’s Shield for Protection for Your Children by Peggy Joyce Ruth

Did you know there is a place in God--a secret place--for those who want to seek refuge?  It is a haven of physical safety and security that God tells us about in the Ninety-First Psalm, the one place in the Bible where all of the protection promises of God are brought together.  In this book, Joyce Ruth guides you through a personal study of this psalm, explaining verse by verse God’s promises of protection, provision, and blessing for your children. Drawing from her personal experience as a mother and grandmother, she covers topics such as:
·          Accessing God’s shelter in times of danger
·          Protection from evils over which we have no control
·          Intervention of God’s angels on your child’s behalf
·          Teaching your child to call on God for protection.

Information Tip for the Week

Maybe I’ve been spending too much time in this library but I had no clue that grilling doughnuts is becoming a big deal!

They say you simply take the basic glazed doughnut – any brand will do – slice it crosswise (like you’d slice a bagel), char it briefly on a hot grill, and then turn it into an ice cream sandwich!  Oh my . . . the sweet, soft melted goodness on top and a nice, crisp toasted surface on the bottom.  How decadent can you make it?  Well, with ice cream in the middle, do I dare recommend hot fudge, whipped cream, your favorite fruit toppings?  I’ve read the toughest part may be flipping them on the grill, as they tend to fall apart.  You might lose a few that way.  Of course, they’re still fine to eat—just not as presentable.  But the person grilling usually gets to eat these (or maybe the dog!).  Do be careful you don’t let them sit for too long as they can get cold and hard, but I bet they would rarely last that long.  Now that is what I call a tasty information tip!

Quackers Joke of the Week

Q.  What should you do if your dog starts eating your favorite library book?

A.  Take the words right out of his mouth!


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